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Clamp is a collective of musicians from Vicenza devoted to musical improvisation, with a ever-changing and never stable line-up. From time to time, it offers sessions that range easily from lo-fi electronics to experimental jazz.

From the experiences with Rainy Valley Sessions, Clamp was born at the end of 2018. 

After a series of concerts, also in support of groups such as OvO and Uochi Toki, they publish their entirely self-produced first EP 'Headland' in December 2019.

2020 turns out to be a very prolific year for the band. In July Clamp releases its first full-length 'Trespassing', a simple rehearsal session recorded in multi-tracks which was then transformed into a concept-album focused on the theme of migrants and the Balkan Route.

In October there was the collaboration with Andrea T. Barbiero, sculptor artist and singer part of the collective. This took shape into a live performance of the single 'Elastic Taste', filmed within his own opera Spazio Q-19.

They close the year, firstly by publishing 'Live at C.S.A. Arcadia ', a collection of live shows recorded in two several concerts at the C.S.A. Arcadia of Schio and later entering the Buzz Recording Studio to record their second full-length, in collaboration with ThisGratia, a friend musician and producer.


Marco Spagnolo, saxophone

Piero Pederezolli, prepared drums and percussions Giulio Tisato, Tascam 144 and Elektron Digitakt Simone Colosimo, Korg MS20


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