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Daniele Bogon is an italian musician and sound artist.
In 2010 he founded the postrock band The White Mega Giant, which obtained the qualification of “Best Italia Wave Band – Veneto” in 2011 with the participation of Arezzo Wave.
With The White Mega Giant he records 2 studio albums: “Antimacchina” (2012) and “TWMG” (2014).
The tours following the release of the two albums bring Daniele to play in the most important venues and festivals of the Italian underground scene with some participation abroad.
In 2016, Daniele starts his own solo path, writing new pieces, composed mainly using synthesizers and piano, maintaining the instrumental matrix of his own compositions.
In 2018 “17” comes out, the first solo album signed under moniker Alley (New Model Label/Niafunken) and in 2019 “17 Encores” (New Model Label).

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