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effe effe is the solo project of Federica Furlani. Melodies and strings, collected sounds, concrete and electronic matter: all of these things shape her electroacoustic work, where music and sound design collide.

She released her debut single in may 2020 (7K! records - BERLIN) and her debut ep Tuning scapes in February 2021 (NeMu - Italy).

Coming from a classically trained background, she later studied Electronic music in Milan
Conservatory and Berlin UDK. She has performed on stage as a viola player with Einsturzende
Neubauten and Blonde Redhead, among many others.
She works as sound designer/composer and live music performer for theatre and dance (La
Biennale di Venezia, Piccolo Teatro di Milano, Teatro Stabile di Torino).
Her research is also focused on soundscapes studies, sound education, and the social and artistic potential of new technologies.

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