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Gioele Pagliaccia is a drummer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and teacher who grew up in Italy, United States of America and Dominican Republic. He is leader of groups such as the tribute to Eric Dolphy "Aut To Lunch", IL DUO with the hammondist Giulio Campagnolo and the trio "The Girl from IPA Media" accompanied by Camilla Battaglia and Rosa Brunello. He passes from punk to jazz to funk , improvising without any sense of guilt and trying to give to the listener something new and amazing.

He also collaborates with very different artists such as the historic American spiritual jazz / afro beat group Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids, the Fugazi bassist Joe Lally, Federico Pierantoni, the American composer and guitarist Will Bernard, Michele Polga, Danilo Gallo, Gianni Gebbia and many others.

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