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After his American experience he decided to record his music by setting up a quartet, and debut as a band leader the saxophonist Giovanni Fochesato. He composes, arranges and performs his songs with a modern charm, but, with an eye to the great authors of the past, from which, sometimes clearly and almost ironically, he takes inspiration for the compositions of the album; it is impossible not to notice how ‘Ellington’ influenced the melodies, typical harmonies from the trumpet player 'Kenny Wheeler', typical structures from the school of 'Bob Brookmeyer', typical sounds of 'Gil Evans’s' orchestras. As these composers are famous for their works in big bands, this quartet wants to bring the sounds of these large groups into a 'conventional' formation, simplifying, for obvious reasons, the sound result, but, at the same time, making the music more flexible. 

Results obtained thanks to the remarkable contributions of Luca De Toni (guitar), Martino De Franceschi (bass)  and Marco Soldà (drums), whose style adapts perfectly to the composer's wishes: their sounds and their musical ideas best reflect what the composer wants the listener to perceive. Fresh sounds, fluid sounds, original ideas, modern interplay, are just some of the aspects that give a unique timbre to this album, which integrates into the spectrum of contemporary music, with a look at the past, but, with the desire for the future.

The album will be released in the mid 2022 by BACÀN label.


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Giovanni Fochesato, saxophone

Luca De Toni, guitar

Martino De Franceschi, doublebass

Marco Soldà, drums

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