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"Walking remembering" is the debut album of the Tranqwild project, a band created by the pianist Federico De Vittor and his great friend and colleague Tomas Majcherski, american saxophonist based in New Orleans. After a summer spent in the rehearsal room, the first album was registered with an exceptional band composed by Marco Soldà (drum) and Riccardo Di Vinci and Giulio Corini (bass).

In post-production the music was enhanced by a careful work of electronics,effects and further recordings in which partecipated Zeno Baldi, a well-known composer of contemporary classical musi and the fantastic New Orleans singers Hilary Johnson and Anna Quinn.

This record is conceived as a journey, crosses many different sound dimensions and takes you to faraway places, at least with your ears and mind.


Federico De Vittor, piano

Tomas Majcherski, saxophone

Ricccardo Di Vinci, doublebass

Giulio Corini, doublebass

Marco Soldà, drums

Let's listen to TRANQWILD 


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